SolarEdge is the world leader in smart energy technology.


In a SolarEdge installation, an intelligent electronic unit is connected to each solar panel: the energy optimizer. Energy optimizers maximize the solar energy production of each panel individually and therefore reduce energy losses. If an individual panel malfunctions, this does not affect the performance of the other panels in that chain.

Ready for the future with SolarEdge

Help customers save with smart technology

SolarEdge combines world-class technology with constant innovation to develop smart energy solutions for your home.

Thanks to a combination of inverter and power optimizers, exceptional security, advanced monitoring, and smart power management, your customers can save money and provide green energy to their home, office or other building with future-ready solar technology.

Technical advantages

  • Less chance of malfunction
  • Exceptional security
  • Advanced monitoring and smart energy management
  • Maximum solar energy production

Smart invertors

These 1 and 3 phase inverters are suitable for all types of residential roofs: from small roof areas with 4 to 8 panels, to large and powerful installations. Inverters specially developed for household battery storage, smart energy and for charging electric vehicles are also available.

Power optimizers

All the solar panels on the roof are equipped with an energy optimizer so that they can work independently. This leads to higher energy production, increased safety and a complete view of the performance of each panel.

Smart Energy Residence

Responsible for monitoring and managing energy production, the inverter is ideally placed to manage energy storage and use. The inverter can store solar energy in a battery to use at night, redirect surplus energy to heat water, or activate other smart devices during the day to help reduce electricity bills. By managing energy comprehensively, the inverter converts smart homes into smart energy homes.

Enjoy the power of the sun with a complete smart energy solution


Single-phase inverters with HD-Wave technology

POWER: 12400W 15500W
DIMENSIONS: 360 x 370 x 185 mm
WEIGHT: 16.5 kg

3-phase inverter
SE3K - SE10K

Superior efficiency (98%)
DIMENSIONS: 540 x 315 x 191 mm
WEIGHT: 16.4kg

Three Phase Inverter
with Synergy Technology

50K / 66.6K / 90K / 100K / 120K
DIMENSIONS: 558 x 328 x 273 mm
WEIGHT: 32kg

SolarEdge design tools

Designer is a free web tool that helps you make the proposal to your client faster and more attractive. Use the online tool to plan, build, and validate your SolarEdge systems from start to installation.

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