Our service

In project phase

Technical study of the installation

Economic and amortization study

Full technical advice

CO2 emission reduction study

Greater precision in solar production calculations (use of PV * SOL software)

Advice on grants and subsidies


In budget phase

Offer broken down and calculated by SolarToday

Quote of the complete system on site, wherever you are

Turnkey system with all the necessary elements

Maximum savings options for each user

In execution phase

User manuals and assembly drawings

Personalized assistance throughout the assembly

Inverter configuration and commissioning support

Free face-to-face training for our clients on the installation, security and configuration of all our systems

Start-up assistance

Where can you find us?

SolarToday International is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, which is perfectly connected and easily accessible near schiphol, Amsterdam. Our supply of trade and order delivery covers all countries of Europe. With the exception of Spain and the Netherlands which have their own branches.

Please call us or send an email. We will be happy to assist you.

SolarToday International


Diakenhuisweg 43,
2033 AP Haarlem
The Netherlands

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