The Nº1 of TIER1 manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels. The N-type is the standard of the future: Up to 10% more kWH per WP!



Jinko Solar

The first and largest supplier TIER 1 solar panels

Jinko Solar


As the first major solar panel manufacturer, Jinko Solar has played an important role in our sustainable power generation around the world for many years. To guarantee optimum quality assurance, Jinko Solar bases its development strategy on vertical integration whereby cells are developed and produced in its own laboratory. Betting on the technologies of the future such as the monocrystalline PERC.

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N-type: the norm of the future!

The N-type negative mono cell is, unlike the P-type, dipped in Phosphorus. This treatment causes a slower aging of the cell. Due to this treatment, a 30-year performance guarantee can be given.

More energy per WP panels with a 30-year performance guarantee!
+ Longer power guarantee
+ Lower relegation
+ More energy per WP
+ N-type Mono is the standard for panels in the coming years
+ Up to 10% more kWH per Wp over the life of the product

Solar panels

JKM370 N-Type black

POWER: 370Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1692 × 1029 × 30mm
WEIGHT: 19.0 kg

JKM395 Tiger Pro black

POWER: 395Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1722 × 1134 × 30mm
WEIGHT: 22.0 kg

JKM410 Tiger Pro

POWER: 410Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1722 × 1134 × 30mm
WEIGHT: 22.0 kg

JKM460 Tiger Pro

POWER: 460Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1903 × 1134 × 30mm
WEIGHT: 24.2 kg

JKM550 Tiger Pro

POWER: 550Wp
DIMENSIONS: 2274 × 1134 × 35mm
WEIGHT: 28.9 kg

Guaranteed quality


In addition to advanced production techniques and extensive internal quality control, Jinko Solar is evaluated by external specialists. As a provider of very large energy projects around the world, they are closely monitored by reputable financial institutions. SolarToday consciously chooses TIER1 – top 5 brands to guarantee you and your customers a high and stable quality.

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