The specialized solar wholesaler for installers

Full support for your project. So you save time and money!

Full support for your project

So you save time and money!

We advise and relieve the installers

SolarToday is the specialized wholesaler in solar energy for installers. With 6 knowledge centers in the Netherlands and international branches, there is always a branch close to you. With our specialized knowledge of solar panels, inverters and mounting materials, we can fully support you on (complex) projects. Consider calculating projects or advising on which solar panels, inverters and mounting materials are best suited for your project.

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Strong brands!

We supply high-quality and technically reliable products. Thanks to years of experience, we know who the best manufacturers are and what really good products they must meet.

Featured Products

Jinko JKM 380M-6RL3-B Tiger ALL Black

380 Wp

Canadian Solar CS1H-325MS HiDM "Black"

325 Wp

Canadian Solar CS3K-295P Dymond (without frame)

295 Wp