SolarToday Exclusive: Canadian Solar Panels Included 12 Years Warranty!

SolarToday Exclusive: Canadian Solar Panels Included 12 Years Warranty!

Canadian Solar


The strongest brand in Spain that is committed to “The best quality / price / power ratio”. Exclusive to SolarToday: Canadian solar panels that include a 12-year warranty.

World leader

Making a difference with advanced technology

More than 13 GW in production

A bankable brand

Canadian Solar's HiDM is the best innovation to offer for the residential sector

With this new technical development of HiDM, Canadian Solar is really catching up with competitors like LG, Sunpower and Panasonic. With 330Wp in standard dimensions, Canadian Solar achieves a TOP efficiency per m² of more than 20%. The independent evaluation body IHS has named Canadian Solar as the manufacturer with “Best price / quality to energy”.

High density Mono Perc technology

The HiDM panel guarantees high Canadian Solar powers of 330Wp (version; white tedla / black frame) and 325Wp (version; black tedla / black frame). Canadian Solar also goes with this panel for a “perfect black” solar panel. High powers in a 1700 * 992 * 35mm format are achieved with the new “High Density Mono Perc” in the form of a “Shingle”. This means that the entire vertical column of cells is connected to each other by means of “back contact”. These 6 columns that make up the panel are also connected in parallel with each other by an additional S-loop back contact connection. With this, the panel has 8 independent parts that can be produced in parallel. Therefore, it is a “smart” panel that adapts perfectly to shading and is optimized.

Solar panels

Canadian Solar CS1H-325MS HiDM "black"

POWER: 325 Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1700 x 992 x 35 mm
WEIGHT: 19.2 kg

Canadian Solar CS3L-365MS HiKu 40mm MC4

POWER: 365 Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1765 X 1048 X 40 mm
WEIGHT: 21.1 kg

Canadian Solar CS3L-370MS HiKu 40mm MC4

POWER: 370 Wp
DIMENSIONS: 1765 X 1048 X 40 mm
WEIGHT: 21.1 kg

Canadian Solar CS3W-440MS HiKu 40mm EVO2

POWER: 440 Wp
DIMENSIONS: 2108 x 1048 x 40 mm
WEIGHT: 24.9 kg

Paneles Solares

Canadian Solar CS3K-300P KuPower

DIMENSIONES: 1675 X 992 X 35 mm
PESO: 18,5 kg

Canadian Solar CS3L-335P HiKu 40mm MC4

DIMENSIONES: 1765 X 1048 X 40 mm
PESO: 21,1 kg

Canadian Solar CS3L-405MS HiMax 40mm MC4

POTENCIA: 405/420 Wp
DIMENSIONES: 2108 x 1048 x 40 mm
PESO: 24,9 kg


Inversores de serie sin transformador conectados a la red de Canadian Solar ayuda a acelerar el uso de la arquitectura de serie trifásica para Techo comercial y pequeñas aplicaciones de montaje en tierra. Un NRTL aprobado, alternativa rentable a los inversores centrales, Estos inversores son bloques de construcción de diseño modular que proporcionan alto rendimiento y permite importantes ahorros de costos de BoS. Hasta 99% de eficiencia de conversión, un amplio rango operativo de 200- 1000 VDC y cuatro MPPT para la máxima producción de energía.

Serie Trifásica

Inversor 40-50 kw
Csi-40ktl-gi-fl / csi-50ktl-gi
Características clave

Garantía estándar de 10 años, extensión hasta 15 años.

12 años de garantía comprando a través de SolarToday

También disponible en Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar CS3K-300P KuPower

300 Wp

Canadian Solar CS1H-325MS HiDM "zwart"

325 Wp

Canadian Solar CS3K-295P Dymond (zonder frame)

295 Wp

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