The best insertion systems
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The best inlay systems at your SolarToday wholesaler!



Applicable surfaces

Corrugated sheet roof

Trapezoidal sheet roof

Shingle roof


Vertical / Horizontal

Black and aluminum finish

All frame sizes: 32, 35, 38, 40, 46 millimeters

Say goodbye to


Negative pressure

Fixing points imposed

TRITEC insertion systems


We calculate your projects for you without obligation

With the specialized PV TRI-DESIGN II software we can do it for you, and make an optimal proposal for the TRITEC mounting system. With this calculation we will get a report for your project with a list of materials, assembly scheme and weight distribution, among others.

Insert better than fix

TRITEC produces general purpose mounting systems that do not exert negative pressure on solar panels. By inserting the solar panels, instead of holding them, you avoid, among other things, point loading, micro-breaks and cracks in the glass. The systems can be used on all types of ceilings and in all sizes.

Why is inserting a solar panel better than fixing?

No cracks in the glass

Prevents microcrashing

No continuous pressure

More HP power per m²

Prevents delamination

Better weight distribution on the roof

Bottom line: TRITEC inlay systems contribute to a longer installation life!

Benefits of direct roof over steel


The reduced number of components results in a much faster installation

Possibility of vertical or horizontal installation

The installation will be provided with optimal ventilation thanks to the chimney effect

Heated air rises and provides a constant supply of fresh air

Advantages of a cross connection (corrugated roof)


On tile roof


The weight of the solar panels is better distributed on the roof. What is essential in all applications

Generates more space and flexibility for optimal wiring

Cross layout offers flexibility in defining junction points on the ceiling

The system can be installed with both horizontal and vertical panels

A nicer and better appearance by installation by using cross connections

Profiles available in black

Has a distinctive power to the installer

We will use considerably less ceiling hooks than other installations

Only the highest quality materials


Profiles with a neat appearance and no sharp edges

Good quality stainless steel parts

Due to the Swiss perfection of the system all parts are perfectly connected Only professionals know the value of high precision extrusion parts


Well proven system

TRITEC has been a leader for more than 25 years and knows better than anyone how to make the best system

According to European standards (Eurocode)

The two relevant guidelines that apply to solar systems and Under their construction, EN 1991-1- 4 precedes. wind loads and EN 1991-1-3 for snow and ice loads

The design software also calculates, in addition to the required number of ceiling fixings, the maximum runway distances and the maximum length of the profiles

With TRI-DESIGN the system can be optimally designed


TRITEC insert systems come standard with a 10 year warranty

Any customer who has participated in a training course given by SolarToday will receive the TRI-STAND certificate and the warranty will be extended to 15 years!